1. this here is a real veHicle, Edmonton 2014

  2. megan james, May 2014

  3. Megan James flipping amongst the birch in early May.

    More shots of Megan in new work.

  4. 🏄 gliding on water (insta)

  5. shooting photos of margaux was 100% a collaborative process between her and me, whether we knew it or not.

    her new body of work (first show in 6 years) was seen in NY at Mulherin+Pollard and her book, I Could See Everything is forever getting noticed. I’ve never met anyone like her.

  6. potted plant on dirt soakin rays (insta)

  7. sometimes I enjoy making cards for people, telling them they’re awesome or something. usually that involves collaging and fire.

    thought it’d be nice to share. cosmo snapped these pics of me makin stuff, so thanks to him.

  8. a cute as heck outtake of these girls, from our shoot for flare.

  9. Michelle and Gabby Jun for Flare Magazine, August issue

  10. Stay Young posted some of my shots taken in New Orleans, Italy & Port Dover.


    Angela Lewis

  11. my friend warren, just before he took my portrait.

  12. Future You is a zine of short stories written by Nada Alic. Her sense of humor and ways she sees the world are familiar as she writes about what we (at least me) are thinking in our daily lives, so I enjoyed it very much.

    I was asked to include some of my photos as visual pleasures in the book.


  13. a twig!

  14. Summery Sunshiney Days (via iphones)

  15. this dawg