1. TIFF has risen again! In celebration of TIFF and “#tbt”, I’m sharing a photo of TIFF Art Director, Cameron Bailey that I took 2 years ago.

  2. I recently shot Toronto brand, Ewanika for Monocle Magazine and wanted to share some cool details of the shop. I’m in love with this dainty porcelain hand they have on ‘loan’ from a local antique shop owner.

  3. Monocle Magazine had me photograph Trish, of the Ewanika clothing brand, in her new Toronto shop. What a delightful and energetic lady! You can see it and a bunch of other sweet stuff in this month’s issue.

  4. theonesweloveproject:

    Angela Lewis on The Ones We Love.

    “my love is your love.”

    happy to have some of my recent work including so many wonderful people featured on The Ones We Love site today <3

  5. music in the park (Insta)

  6. thephotographicdictionary:

    Angela Lewis

    reflection           re·flec·tion           [ri-flek-shuhn]
    1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.

    The Photographic Dictionary posted an image of mine under the word, reflection. Happy to be included on this very cool project.

  7. bunny on a blanket at the beach

  8. the lovely, cheery, cute as heck, katie chatman in Columbia, NC

  9. a fella picking flowers in Christie Pits park

  10. lilyroche at her home in Atlanta

  11. rico and friend, in Atlanta

  12. a new photo is for purchase in my etsy shop ..take a peak!

    the proceeds will go to my North Carolina friend Aaron, who is battling brain cancer.

  13. my brother has returned home after two years and is taller and wiser than ever.

  14. A lil’ feature of my work on Basic Sounds.

  15. Hey! Wattaya know! Landon and I shot / helped direct this music video with Cecil Frena for his Born Gold song, I want To Be Naked. First time in Edmonton and I got to see lots of dancing and lots of happy naked folk. Check it out!


    Born Gold - I Want To Be Naked